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About Us

Shrusti Travels is the result of sheer hard work and dedication to achieve customer satisfaction through understanding ever-changing needs, deliver service quality and follow value for money approach. As a team we have the knowledge and understanding of business and its future potential, complimentary management skills and a commitment to achieve the leadership in the car rental industry.

To give the best times to our customer when they are under our service. To build a technology driven, nationally networked personal ground transportation and luxury car services to our customers. At Shrusti Travels, you will find a team of dedicated professionals, each contributing their optimum expertise to deliver and ensure complete satisfaction to our customers. We give you a rich experience of luxury travels (Luxury… not just in words but in reality).


What do we offer?
Shrusti Travels is professionally managed and technologically upgraded. It uses state of the art and wireless communication system managed and controlled by out trained customer care centre. We provide you the service which is time effective as well cost effective. Shrusti Travels provides you the luxury service with quality, safety and your complete journey is tackled and managed centrally. It has emergency dispatch system.

Can I make payments by Cheque / Demand draft / Cash/ Credit card?

Do I have to share the car with other passengers?

No the car is booked solely for you and your companions which is exclusive used by you.

How many hours before can I book a car?
You are required to book the car 2 hours in advance and our cab will arrive for pick up.

How can I rent your car?
You can fill the form online for online booking or call us at the number displayed, fill in the details in the form, proceed and we will be at your service. We will process your request and send you a confirmation email about the booking. The car reservation will be confirmed by email. You are free to call on the listed telephone numbers for more information or clarification. Once we confirm the booking we will be sending information regarding Driver’s name, his cell / mobile number, vehicle number through email/sms.

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